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"Rich, resonant sound..." - "Beautiful and remarkably tough..."  "Incredible price!"

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Limited Time Offer

We are offering free upgrades for both custom carved fingerboards and tailpieces, as well as a free upgrade for the newly revised Raven Pickup Package (see normal upgrade
pricing below).


Elixir 4 String Acoustic:  $2160

Elixir 5 String Acoustic:  $2260

See free upgrades below (limited offer)

Options (No Additional Charge For A Limited Time)
  • Select an optional wood for fingerboard.  $50.00
  • Select an optional wood for tailpiece.  $75.00
  • Raven Pick-Up System.  $250

All Models Include:
  • Technically accurate carbon fiber molding, including a full, controlled post-cure.
  • CNC machined carbon fiber reinforced neck with final carving and finish details by hand. 
  • Exceptionally rigid neck to body joint, yet removable quickly and easily.
  • Tuned top and bottom plates.
  • Interior end blocks of tapered aluminum (at neck and end peg).
  • Perfection geared tuning pegs.
  • Carbon fiber tuned bass bar.
  • Spruce sound-post.
  • Standard ebony end-peg (allows any luthier to more easily fit or adjust the sound post).
  • Ebony chin rest
  • Attractive and very necessary bottom rib (to keep your shoulder rest from falling off, see our FAQ).

Play Anywhere!

We're a small shop located on San Francisco Bay in California.  We don't do any advertising and all of our sales are through our website.

All of our instruments are made one at a  time, on the bench. The bodies of our instruments are all carbon fiber.  The neck is a wood/carbon fiber composite (see more about the neck below).  We offer a choice of woods for the fingerboard and tailpiece, from traditional ebony to carefully chosen alternative species. All woods are treated with epoxy resin surface permeation -- providing unparalleled resistance to humidity and temperature variations.  Our violins are tough.

Years of research, experimentation and prototyping have lead to an instrument that produces a beautiful, rich and resonant tone.  The consensus from our customers:  You would be hard pressed to find a violin that sounded as good at the price -- in wood or carbon fiber.

We make both four and five string violins/fiddles.  Our customers  inquired about adding a pick-up system for amplification, and asked for our recommendations.  We couldn't find any commercial offering that we felt did justice to the sound.

So, we recently introduced the Elixir Raven, which includes our own internally mounted three transducer pick-up system.  The Raven retains the exceptional sound of the instrument when played acoustically, while adding  flexibility and superior quality when amplified. This has proven to be very popular, particularly for touring musicians.

Use the menu bar above to see, hear and read about our instruments. If this site fails to answer any of your questions, please feel free to contact us.

Compare design & build quality, sound and most of all price to any other carbon fiber violin available today...

"The Elixir violin opens
up a whole new world
of possibilities..."


A special word about our necks:

Our first prototypes included a neck molded as one piece with the back and sides of the instruments (you may have seen this on instruments made by others). Robert ultimately rejected this design for a variety of reasons, principal amongst which is the inability to reset the neck angle. Any luthier who really, really knows her/his stuff knows that the neck angle is a critical factor in the set-up process, allowing the finest possible sound to be drawn from any old or new instrument. The neck angle determines the downward pressure the strings exert on the bridge. Some instruments call for more pressure, some for less.

We have designed our neck system to allow removal of the neck in ten minutes or less, with no steaming or heat required. Once in place, however, the neck joint is extremely rigid, particularly against torquing forces which we found unsatisfactory in the original design.

Further, the neck is a designed composite of carbon fiber reinforced wood. The wood sections are epoxy permeated under pressure. This renders the neck virtually impossible to fracture in normal use. However, the use of wood allows the neck to be reshaped specifically to any musician's needs. The distinctive peg-head is extremely strong, will never split and is designed to reduce weight.

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