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How to Order

(If you've already ordered and would like to see the waiting list, click here.)

It's easy!  Fill in the form below.  Doing so will reserve the next available instrument for you.  Remember, we're a small company and we like it that way, so our production is limited. You pay nothing until we are ready to ship.  You have a 3 day trial period to approve the instrument (see below).

We will confirm your order and keep you up to date as we progress in making your instrument.  Please do not make payment until we notify you that we are ready to ship -- we do not accept or require deposits.  Once we let you know that your instrument is complete we will email you a Paypal invoice (you don't need a PayPal account, you can use any major credit card).  As soon as payment is confirmed (normally very quickly) we will ship via USPS Priority Mail.  We ship within 24 hours upon confirmation of payment.  Priority Mail delivery time is typically three days in the continental U.S.  We also ship internationally, please inquire via email (Robert@ElixirViolins.com)


There are just two of us, and we are both involved in other stuff in addition to violin making.  This has been a particularly busy time – in a good way – while I (Robert) have been restoring and refitting a boat for a non-profit that will be taking kids from the foster care system out on the water.

We are making instruments, but at a somewhat slower pace than normal for us.  I like to make sure I’m fresh when I sit down at the bench and am doing my best work.  The work on the boat has at times left me covered with grease, oil, paint and other unknown substances – not to mention the aches and pains I’m accumulating!  The worst of it is now finished, however.

We are beginning to make instruments at the pace of one every two weeks.  By having a look at our online waiting list, you can see who is on the list and approximately how long the wait is.  If your name does not appear on the list, please contact us via email. 

With over 75 instruments all over the world at this point – and only 3 returns at the end of the trial period – we know that we are making a very good instrument at a very reasonable price.  We have, in fact, resisted any price increase for a few years now – and we don’t plan one in the immediate future.

As we do not ask for or accept deposits, you are free to cancel your order any time before we start on your instrument.  You will receive an email when we do start your order, and we ask that you let us know right away if you are no longer interested.  That email will include our best estimate as to a completion date.

We are considering various options to increase our output, and if we do that we’ll let you know right away.  Part of the problem is that doing what we do requires a very specific skillset, and bringing in another maker will demand a significant investment in training.  Foremost, however, is quality – and we refuse to rush an instrument through the process.  I am always excited by the moment when a violin becomes a violin – which for me is after stringing up for the first time and hearing the first plucked string.  It takes a fair amount of skill and effort to get there!


Would you like:

Base models include all the basic features of every Elixir.  The fingerboard and tailpiece are of standard ebony wood (epoxy permeated).  We offer alternate wood choices -- very popular with our customers -- as an option.  We also offer the Raven pickup system (see below):

Four string acoustic violin:  $2160.00
Five string acoustic violin:  $2260.00

The Raven Series:  
The Raven includes our much praised pickup system for those who want to play acoustically but also have a need to amplify at times.  There are three transducers mounted internally.  The only thing you see on the violin -- mounted on the rear side bout -- is a small DIP switch and a 1/4" output jack.  The switch allows you to select any combination of the transducer pickups to modify the amplified voicing of the instrument.

Options:  We will discuss and confirm options with you via email after you have ordered.  You can read more about the options we offer at the bottom of this page.

  • Select an optional wood for fingerboard.  $50.00
  • Select an optional wood for tailpiece.  $75.00
  • Raven pickup system.  $250.00

Please choose a base model -- options will be discussed via email. 

Trial Period:
Once you submit this order, we agree to make you a violin and you agree to purchase it upon completion.  You pay nothing until we notify you that we are ready to ship.  We ship USPS Priority Mail, signature required.  You will receive tracking information via email.  Upon receipt (as determined by USPS tracking) you have three calendar days to approve of the instrument.  We want you to be happy!  So far, no one has returned one of our violins.  However, should you choose to do so, you agree to notify us via email prior to the end of the three day period.  
This is important because if we don't hear from you, we'll use the money to order more supplies and make more violins!  We will confirm receipt of you intent to return the instrument within 24 hours, via email.  We will provide a return Priority Mail label, as a PDF document via email, and return shipping is at our expense in the Continental U.S.  You then have two business days in which to repackage and return the violin to us.    Once we have received the violin in "as new" condition we will refund the purchase price.  All you pay is the initial shipping costs from us to you.  Please note that even if you notify us of your intent to return but do not ship the instrument, we will consider the sale final 15 calendar days from our receipt of such notice.  

I have read and understand the Trial Period policy:   

Shipping Address:

This is your physical shipping address.  Your billing address will be entered when we request payment.

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About the options:

 Once you’ve decided on a 4 or 5 string violin you have some options available to you.  Our standard instrument is set-up with an ebony fingerboard and tailpiece.  The full neck (including the fingerboard) is treated with epoxy surface permeation. All of our necks are reinforced with carbon fiber.  Note that Perfection geared tuners are stock on all of our instruments. 


We have the ability to carve our own fingerboards and tailpieces from a variety of suitable woods (we purchase pre-carved fingerboards and tailpieces when ebony is specified).  Oddly enough there’s a lot more work in making a custom tailpiece then what’s involved in making a fingerboard (thus the price difference).  Nearly all of our customers choose one of our custom woods, partly because they contrast nicely with the reflective, black carbon fiber of the body.  Some of commented that it looks a bit like a wooden violin in reverse.


Our Raven pick-up system has proven to be very popular and highly praised.  Many of our customers report that the system – when paired with a suitable pre-amp – provides the most natural acoustic sound they have found.  Moreover, the transducers we use are quite small and light in weight.  They are installed in three acoustically key positions on the interior of the instrument and are switch selectable for voicing.  There is no detectable sound difference between a Raven and one of our acoustic-only instruments when un-amplified.  Please review the more detailed information regarding the Raven system elsewhere on our site.


A note about our pickup system:  Some makers install a preamp – including a battery – in the violin itself.  We do not.  There are a variety of preamps available that can be used externally from simple (and cheap) to increasingly sophisticated models.  Given the specific nature of the violin as an instrument we feel strongly that installing a preamp internally is not a good idea – so we don’t.

We asked an attorney to draft a warranty for us but it was too hard to understand.  So, here it is in plain language:  We will fix it if something goes wrong within one year of the date of purchase so long as it has to do with a defect in material and/or workmanship.  Some things are excluded from the warranty, like the sound post, bridge and/or strings.  These are things easily addressed by a local luthier in your area, probably for less than the cost of shipping.  All you need to do is contact us via email and let us know that something is wrong.  The point here is that we want you to be happy, and we want to preserve our reputation as honest, reasonable people to do business with.  Once we've communicated, you will package the instrument appropriately, insure it and send it to us.  We suggest using USPS Priority Mail.  You pay the shipping to us, and (within the Continental U.S.) we pay return shipping to you.  We all agree to be reasonable about this.  If the violin has been run over by a tractor, for example, we couldn't call that a warranty repair.  We build them to last, but we draw the line at tractors.