Elixir Violins Privacy Policy and Disclosure

We do not collect, sell or in any other way distribute personal information.  Our site does not use "cookies".
Information collected when you order a violin from us is confidential and not used for any other purpose.
Although we send an occassional newsletter, that document contains no advertising and participation is entirely
voluntary.  You may remove your email address from our newsletter list at any time simply
by responding to the email or making your request directly to Robert@ElixirViolins.com

Videos submitted to us of musicians playing our instruments are displayed on our website.  Please notify us if
you prefer that your name/location/website or any other information should not be displayed.  To simplify the
process and insure compatibility with various browsers, videos are posted on Youtube and linked to our site.

If you have any questions regarding our policies, please email Robert@ElixirViolins.com

Revised:  7/29/2014