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Robert Hansen is local to us here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He was one of the first to purchase a five-string Elixir Raven.  We were fortunate to arrange a couple of recording sessions with Robert, and we really love his playing.  In this video the violin is being played acoustically (no amplification).  There are more videos featuring Robert below.

Richard Conviser:  Click here to visit Richard's website
Richard Conviser is a violinist who has played professionally with a number of symphony orchestras and teaches in Fallbrook, California.  He has very kindly provided us with three videos (this one and the two that follow) demonstrating the Elixir 5 string Raven.  Here's what Richard says about this one:

"In all three videos I'm performing Handelerium from Volume II of my Progressive Melodic Etudes.  All three videos were made using a CodaBow Luma carbon fiber bow.  (This first) video is the Elixir Raven (electric) with an LR Baggs Gigpro preamplifier and a vintage Zeta P-12 electric violin amplifier.

One friend remarked that the Raven sounds much more natural than his NS Designs NXT electric violin. And with the Fishman Aura Spectrum DI that I have gotten since the video was made, the Raven even more closely approximates the sound of an acoustic violin".
Here is the same piece as above, played acoustically (no amplification).
And here is the same piece played on a Master Art wooden violin, new this year.  The Master Art is nicely made instrument that seems to sell for about $3000.

Richard concludes:
"In my judgment, playing the Elixir (five string) electrically yields a somewhat mellower, more viola-like tone.  However, I invite you and your prospective customers to form their own judgments about the qualities of the instruments heard in the three renditions.

"I really enjoy playing on the Elixir in both acoustic and electric modes.  It has become the instrument I take to lessons since I don't need to worry about students accidentally hitting or scratching the instrument."
Robert Hansen again, this time with a lively fiddle piece.  The Elixir Raven is played acoustically.  Video was recorded with an Ipad, audio (later synced) with a Zoom digital audio recorder.
Robert Hansen, playing the Elixir 5 string Raven amplified.  Robert is using two of the three internal pickups (switch selectable) passing through a preamp to a Bose twin tower PA system.  The audio portion of the recording was made with a Zoom digital audio recorder.